Orientation Day

Mt HuttOur Orientation day was already organised by Jude and was held at Mt Hutt College. This was a great day and good chance to meet all the VC teachers for the first time. I gave a wee spiel at the beginning which was rather strange considering I only had the beginnings of a sense for the way everything worked.

On the way I had a good chat to Peter the Physics VC teacher at Darfield. We had an interesting chat about the cluster and VC teaching. Peter is keen to develop online tools to help with his VC teaching. In the past he has used Mindspring, but found students didn’t really use it. This year he is using a Wiki and looking to get students participating by putting up some Physics demonstrations related to things they are interested in (like the guitar for instance). I love this sort of use of web 2 tools. Many teachers use the internet or their OLE (Online learning Environment) as merely a repository of resources. This is fine as a beginning, but it is getting the students working with these tools that is the key. I think that Primary School teachers are well ahead of the Secondary counterparts in terms of web 2 tools.students1

Anyway back to the Orientation Day. While I enjoyed the day looking back now I can’t help but feel I missed out on an opportunity to connect with students and teacher because…well I didn’t really know what I was doing yet!


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