My first Video Conference (VC) lesson

My first VC lesson was some time ago now, but I feel it is worth sharing the experience.

I must say I did feel some trepidation leading into the first lesson. I had spent some time practising and getting familiar with the equipment, but that was a bit like practising for a game of football – it doesn’t quite capture the challenges of the real thing. One good thing as far as I was concerened was that the students were as inexperienced as me.

I am teaching Level 2 Classical Studies to three students (now become four), two of whom were actually year 11’s. This is a subject I am very experienced in and had developed a lot of online stuff in the past, which I think has helped the transition to online learning.

I only teach one VC a week, while most of the other teachers here have two. To me the VC is only a small part of the whole elearning experience and I wanted to avoid the trap of using two VC lessons to get through a lot of content. My plan was to use the VC lesson as a chance for discussion on the work that had gone on during the week, use of mulitmedia to enhance the learning, or to to do things to keep the students enaged (roleplays etc.). I have prettty much stuck to that formula so far and thing have gone reasonably well.

Anyway the first lesson was not the most inspired I have ever given. Much of the time was spent getting used to using all the different equipment, especially the document camera. I had met the students at orientation day, but I think it took them sometime to get used to me in a TV. The rest of the lesson was a hotch potch of introductory material so I dominated proceedings rather than it being very student centred (which I was very keen on happening). Since that time the students have really come into their own and are more than happy to participate. I just haven’t had an opportunity for them to interact a lot with each other, but we are only 5 lessons in and the opportunity hasn’t really arisen. The next unit will definitely allow for a lot of that.

Anyway I am enjoying the VC side of things while still on a learning curve. The rest of the learning is supported by a class blog which has worked exceptionally well and I LOVE doing.



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