Early on the year all the eprincipals (the common name for this position) gathered together for the Learning at Schools Conference in Rotorua. To read an excellent summary of the day we had together go to this link at Rachel’s blog.

The only things I have to add is that as a newbie it was all rather daunting, but also very exciting. I hadn’t realised how long this had been going on (The Virtual Learning Network). In the beginning I felt very much like a new member of some exclusive club, but the whole group are great people and have been very welcoming. I gained so many ideas from the day which enabled me to go back to my schools with a new found clarity and sense of purpose.

The Learning at School conference was wonderful. The theme of ‘change’ was very prevalent in all the keynote speeches. The idea that schools (especially secondary) need to change has been around for sometime, but there was a new sense of urgency to it this time and I felt that change was actually going to occur – much needed it is as well. Much of this change is embodied in the new New Zealand curriculum which is a wonderful document and a blueprint for a major shift to 21st century learning. Although I don’t think some secondary teachers and parents quite realise how major that change is going to be.


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