Meet and Greet

One of the most important aspects of this job early on is building relationships, especially with the leadership of each school. Early on this term I spent two weeks travelling around the schools meeting principals and sometimes staff. In these meetings I outlined where we wanted to take Cantatech and built discussion around that.

All the Principals were very accommodating and showed a good deal of enthusiasm for the project. It was interesting to hear the variety of knowledge on this project. Some were very up with things while others had little beyond a basic idea.

By the end of this sojourn I was well and truly over my ten minute blurb to the staff, which had become rather repetitive for me. Guess I better get used to this when I get to the major presentation next term.

The various schools with links are listed below:

Akaroa Area School

Hurunui College

Cheviot Area School

Rangiora New Life

Oxford Area School

Mount Hutt College

Amuri Area School

Twizel Area School

Mackenzie College

Darfield High School

Ellesmere College


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