Educating Marlborough

Yay – a current post, i.e. not summarising 8 weeks

On Wednesday I travelled up to my old stomping ground in Blenheim. The Marlborough ICTPD cluster was running a jumbo day in which they had all sorts of workshops running. It was good to see so much Web 2.0 stuff on offer and great people running them as well. I would have offered a workshop on elearning / web2.0 / blogging, but thet were well served in that area.

So instead Giles (one of the facilitators) asked me to do hot potatoes. I started using Hot Potatoes around 2002 and really went to town on creating all sorts of quizzes for my website at the time. While they are not what I would call high end learning, the students do love them. I don’t see the problem in using them for revision and tacked onto the end of a lesson, but I have moved away from using them over the last year or two. I would prefer my students using their creative skills than just recalling knowledge. While refreshing myself over the week I did realise that they could be used in far more creative ways than jst recall type questions, especially with the integration of movies and music.

The interesting thing was that it was one of the more popular workshops which only reinforces to me that many teachers are still stuck on knowledge recall. Mind you who can blame them when many parents and senior managers judge teachers according to exam success!

Anyway back to the workshop. The keynote speaker was Greg Gebhart, an Australian educational expert in the field of internet safety. He spoke on web2.0 technology and was thoroughly enaging. Much of it I was familiar with, but there were a few tools I hadn’t come across yet. Have a look at this page to investigate for yourself. I think it is vitually impossible to keep up with new web 2.0 technology. I can’t anyway!

Thanks to Sandy and Giles for asking me along. It was great to catch up.


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