Principal Development

It is the end of a rather tiring week for all the eprincipals. We have been in Wellington at the PDPC (Principal’s Development Planning Centre?)for some professional development relating to leadership. Much of the learning was based on a personality questionnaire which provided us with information on our learning styles. Unfortunately this approach never really won me over. I really find it difficult relating to any sort of categorising in terms of learning, let alone personalities. It was certainly interesting though.

The highlights for me was the afternoon spent on questioning techniques. It was very thought provoking and it was good to rehearse the ‘difficult conversations’ which may come our way.

One thing I learnt about myself was that I now find it very difficult to spend extended periods (a day) sitting in the same spot doing a lot of listening. I am a very self-directed learner who enjoys finding things out for myself (with direction) and collaborating with others. Which is sort of what we are aiming for with our students these days isn’t it. Why do teachers insist on talking for so long then?

So, all in all a very worthwhile experience, but not the challenging one the PDPC people said it would be. What was great about it was how much closer together it brought all the eprincipals.

Below is one groups vision of what is means to be an eprincipal.  (A rather androgenous one at that)



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