A new term…

This term is a biggie for me. I have been doing lots of planning and talking, but it is now time to put that into action. A focus for the term will be setting up and elearning team of teachers. One or two from every school will be enough. Enthusiastic people who have the respect of other staff who will be the ‘early adaptors’ for the new Cantatech Moodle environment. I will be travelling around for 2-3 weeks visiting schools and gathering the list of people together (and hopefully meeting them). We will then bring the team together for some PD. After a term or so these people should be able to show what they have don to the rest of the staff and hopefully help interest them in online learning.

Another real focus will be looking at what opportunities there are for our primary school students to use VC. This may be a simple as sharing projects or as involved as setting up a gifted and talented programme.



  1. Great to see you have a start on Moodle Darren. I really need to be there myself. Can u send me the contact info for your hosts? Also noticed that you love your ‘e’ness so much you made it your background on your site hahaha 😉
    On another note i would like to be developing opportunities for other school levels not just senior secondary curricula stuff. We have two area schools that are interested in hooking up with other schools. Should put our heads together on this one.

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