Darfield High School

Today’s visit was to Darfield High School, my base school, so I know it reasonably well. It is the biggest school in Cantatech with around 750 students, from year 7-13. The principal, Allison has been extremely supportive, but she was away today so I got to talk to the senior management team. This was great, because so far I have only really dealt with Principals and it is very important that all the leadership are on board and familiar with the project.

I outlined where Cantatech was going and our main goals for the next two years, which they responded to well. There was quite a lot of enthusiasm for what we want to achieve and some interesting ideas too.

After this I met with the five teachers who are going to be a part of the Canatech elearning team. I took them through the Cantatech Moodle site and outlined the plan for this. All were keen to be a part of the team and were enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn more. The only question came over the availability of computers in the school, which seems to be a bit of tension for some teachers. If teachers can’t get their students into computer rooms, then it will be difficult to get buy in from the staff. Something for the future…

The last group I met was the year 7 and 8 leaders. I wanted to look at how we could get junior students using video conferencing to enhance their learning. At the moment most Canatech schools only use their VC for the seniors, but there are wonderful opportunities to enhance junior programmes through VC. One keen teacher wanted to link up with Te Papa (for Kiwiana) and Denver Museum (North American Indians). I will be investigating…


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