Mackenzie College

mackenzieMackenzie College is a small high school in Fairlie, set amongst the stunning scenery of the Mackenzie country. The principal, Mark is new to the school this year and has some challenges facing him as any new principal does. Mark has a good knowledge of the IT side of things, because that was part of his portfolio as a Deputy Principal. It does make it easier when the Principal really understands what you are talking about!

I had a good chat with Mark and the senior leadership team (again, great!) and identified some areas of need. They have their own Moodle site going, but there has been little up take in it so far. Mark is pushing it this year and is keen that it is used in conjunction with the new Cantatech moodle. This is great to hear, because they can work together without it being an extra burden for teachers. Mark is especially keen on the collaboration plans we have for Cantatech schools and thinks it will work well with the new Moodle site. There is certainly plenty of room to create collaborative areas and this is a key goal for the cluster. This will work well with video conference meetings.

One thing that REALLY impressed me was Mark stopping during our discussion and asking what I wanted from them. This threw me for a bit, because it was unexpected, but very refreshing to have a principal ask this sort of question. “Buy in” is the most important thing for me – if the leadership of the schools doesn’t support where we are going then I have no chance of making headway with staff.


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