Twizel Area School

Monday afternoon I drove out to Twizel to visit the school today. It’s a stunning drive. I have put some photos below.

The history of Twizel is interesting and the town itself is rather idyllic. It has a slightly temporary look, not surprisingly, and you can walk around and meet very few people, especially in the evening.

The school itself is small and caters for 5-18 year olds. It is situated in the centre of town and is very open in its design. At the moment the buildings are going through some major re-development.

We have one teacher on the new elearning team. I had a good ½ hour to chat to her and she was very keen. In fact she has some great IT skills in web and graphic design which may come in handy down the track.

I had another excellent discussion with the principal, Bill who explained the needs of the school. The major one for them was that word again – collaboration. I had decided to put the organisation of this on the backburner for later this term, but I think it would be great to get a few meetings going reasonably quickly. Time to talk to Vicki and the subjects advisors at the Univeristy of Canterbury…



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