Cheviot Area School

Well, today was the turn of Cheviot Area School in my seemingly never ending journey. Forgot to take some photos this time.

Cheviot is yet another small area school. This time situated about 1 1/2 hours north of Christchurch on the way to Kaikoura.

The principal is off on sick leave, so the school is being led by the DP, Robyn. Unfortunately she has been out of the loop with Cantatech and misinterpreted my emails so I didn’t get a chance to talk with her. We will catch up via VC at a later date though. Going to be a busy time for I imagine.

I did meet with the two distance teachers at the school as well as the teacher who is to be part of the elearning team. All were very interested in the Moodle site and I took them through a good one hour run down of what can be done. A lot of enthusiasm which is great to see. Both Marilyn and Tod had already created an account before I even got there so they were really on the ball. (In fact Jason from Amuri has already got some of his students enrolled which is getting very keen!)

The distance teachers and I had a good chat about the distance programme, possible professional development and the propse appraisal scheme.  I loved their attitude.  They certainly saw the advantages of taking the learning online.


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