Rangiora New Life School

Rangiora New Life is a Christian school in the town of Rangiora in North Canterbury.  Unfortunately Gregg, the Principal was away sick today, but he had set up everyone to see me at an allotted time.  It was extremely well planned.  A rather strange situation for me.  Here I was set up in the Principals office with everyone coming in to me see me at a time they had been told.  I felt like I was taking interviews.  Nice work space for a day though!

I discovered some needs in terms of NCEA moderation and collaboration.  Some staff haven’t had a great experience in VC meetings before, so it is important that there is a real focus to each meeting that is set up.  The suggestion from the DP, Trevor, that keeping the groups focussed on certain year levels within a learning area, is a good one andsomething I will take on board when I start organising these.

The school already has a learning management system, Myclasses, in place, so I wasn’t sure whether we would have anyone on the elearning team to learn Moodle, but two are, which is good news.  We certainly won’t be pushing the Moodle with all the staff though.  Little point in that and increasing the use of eLearning is the aim, rather than the use of a specific LMS.  I’m sure Rangiora teachers will be keen to hook into the collaboration we hope to get going on the site though.

Rangiora is the second school I have come across which doesn’t have a dedicated VC room (the other being Darfield).  The room actually has a bookable computer pod in it.  If we get things going like we want to this is going to become an issue, but for the moment is manageable.


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