Mt Hutt College

Mt Hutt in winterToday was a very interesting day at Mt Hutt College, although not that productive. Unfortunately the new principal, Cathy had some rather major stuff on her plate, and while she attempted to see me, it wasn’t to be. I felt for her actually. She had a rather challenging situation on her plate.

I decided to have my VC lesson from the school (Friday is my usual VC day) and it went very well. It is great to catch up with my students face to face while I am travelling around. Both sets of students from Twizel and Mt Hutt were able to give me some feedback on how things were going. Although the new Moodle site is great for allowing me to track student work. I will post on how I have found Moodle soon.

I must say that this is the first school I have been to where numerous teachers came up to me to have a chat. One teacher wanted to know about some of the Web 2.0 technology I identified in the elearning survey I put out to schools. The Head of ICT wanted to find out about the International Computer Dirver’s License, so I offered to do that. Two lovely older ladies were chatting to me about techonology and the frustrations they were having. They were quite hilarious, and although found technology frustrating to learn, they were both very keen to learn more. They just found there wasn’t much support for learning the basics. They wanted to do certain things, but didn’t know how. Great to see such enthusiasm though!

Cathy and I decided we would catch up via VC to have a discussion about Mt Hutt and the future of Cantatech. That’s what the technology is for after all.


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