Akaroa Area School

AkaroaI am finally getting to the end of my travels for at least a month. Today was the turn of Akaroa Area School. Another beautiful drive and of course another stunning setting. I really like Akaroa Area School. There is a great atmosphere in the school and a real sense of calm amongst staff. It is another school that can point to the individualised nature of its learning leading to success. All their year 12 students passed level two NCEA in 2007 and over 90% of of year 11s achieved Level One. The two students who didn’t gain level one took on apprenticeships. As a former secondary teacher who has taught in very large schools, this is what I like about Area Schools. The individualisation of learning – students can’t hide in this environment and they can’t hide in a senior class of six students! With the distance learning provided by Cantatech, students can stay in these sorts of small schools and still take subjects they want to.

The day itself was another productive one. The principal, Ray, had the morning well set up. Three more teachers on the elearning team, a good chat with senior management about the opportunities Cantatech can offer the school and a quick talk about video conferencing possiblities with two primary school teachers.Akaroa


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