Hurunui College

Hurunui College is situated in Hawarden, north of Christchurch – quite close to Amuri and Cheviot.  The principal there, Ron, is a member of the Cantatech Management team and is well up with the play in terms of our goals.

I initially met with the distance teachers.  Alan teaches Human Biology and is site supervisor and has been teaching in Canatech right from the beginning.  He is also Deputy Principal at Hurunui.  We had a good chat, especially about the future of teaching in a distance environment.  He is enthusiastic about where things are going, but isn’t a natural enthusiast when it comes to computers.  He is very keen to learn how to use his more effectively in a VC lesson (must introduce him to the SVGA cable…)  Laurel teachers economics and is part time at the school.  In fact her distance course is her only teaching.  This has both pros and cons, but does make it more difficult for her to stay in the loop.

I also talked to the staff at the end of day.  Most of the discussion centred on getting a couple of people on the elarning team.  I think Ron was hoping that my talking about it would gee a few up to give it a go.  I also was feeling out the use of VC with junior students and asked staff to think about their programme and what opportunities there would be to connect with people/groups who could add something through a VC lesson.  We will see what happens…


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