The Professionals?

We had our monthly eprincipal meeting today and another interesting one it was too. There were a number of things on the agenda, but the focus was on a paper put together by two of us. This proposed that we as a group, investigate the idea of forming our own professional association. It was no great surprise to me as Trevor had mentioned it to me some time ago. It has certainly brought some strong responses from a couple of the eprincipals who are worried about isolating ourself and moving too fast. It has been the first time that any real disagreement has arisen amongst us as a group and I was interested in how we would resolve it. Very productively I must say. A forum has been created on the VLN where everyone has been asked to put their views on the matter and from there we can move forward.

Personally I think the idea is a step in the right direction. We as a group need to take ownership of what we are doing, rather than relying on the Ministry to direct us. That doesn’t mean we will completely break from them, but it would change the nature of the relationship. I think in a very positive way, but there is no doubt it needs thorough investigation and discussion


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