moodleThe Cantatech Moodle site as been up since the beginning of term now and I have had a good play over that time. My Classics course is delivered entirely online with a video conference lesson each Friday. So I thought it might be time to reflect on what I think of Moodle…

Well in short, I love it. Which I am very happy about after spending so much time trying to make a decision on what LMS to go with. I really like Moodle’s flexibility. Some people complain about that ‘Moodle’ look, but there is quite a lot of room to add your own look to it, especially with the use of themes. I also like its functionality. There is so much you can do to in terms of learning, and not gimmicky functions either. I have found what I have chosen to use with my students has really worked in terms of learning.

Having said that I can see limitations and some teachers could get a bit carried away with over structuring courses. I could also see some secondary teachers getting carried with the quiz funtions.

Early days though and I know I am just scratching the surface with how Moodle could be used. So much to learn and so little time!


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