Surveys, surveys and more surveys

As someone new to this job I had to be spend a considerable amount of time gathering information.  One of my favourite methods for doing this are surveys.  I primarily use Surveymonkey for this as it is very user friendly.  The only things is I don’t subscribe so the data is not downloadable, but there are always around these sorts of problems.  Why some people continue to use paper based surveys anymore I really don’t.  The amount of data you have to collate when you can get technology to do it for you.

Anyway, earlier in the year I surveyed all the distance students on what their learning experience had been like so far.  The results were overwhelmingly positive, although it was completed quite early in the year, so must be qualified.  It will be interesting to see what is said in the next survey.  Although I think most students are having a very positive experience.

Recently I surveyed all staff in each Cantatech school.  One of our goals this year is to increase the use of online technologies amongst all staff.  Before doing this I wanted to ascertain the knowledge and experience of teachers with elearning.  This was so I didn’t go in to each school blind.  The results have thrown up two major points.  The first is that, while most staff are inexperienced with any use of technology, the majority are keen to learn.  The other is that is some school’s staff percieved one or two major barriers to learning more.  We will certainly have problems pushing elearning if teachers can’t readily get their students onto computers.

The creation of the Cantatech Moodle site is directly related to this goal.  This will be the centre of online learning, and from there we can branch into web 2.0 technology.  Each school has at least one (and some times up to five) member on an elearning team that will learn how to use Moodle.  The difficult thing is getting these people together face to face for PD (and it does need to be face to face first up).  We were scheduled to meet June 19th, but this has had to be postponed.  One, because of a certain late baby (a week now).  Two, because many teachers are stressed from exams and reports so the timing was particularly bad.  We are now looking at the first week of term three, which is later than I wanted, but c’est la vie.

I will spend the last three weeks of this term trying to get some collaboration off the ground.


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