Moodle Muddle

In the last week of term a number of the ePrincipals got together to have what we termed a “Moodle Muddle”.  It turned out that far more people came along than was anticipated so Anton (Welcom) had to take a bit more of an instructional approach – so it wasn’t really that muddly.

All very worth while though.  Learnt quite a bit, espcially about roles.  i didn’t realise you could assign roles Welcomto any activity you create for a course.  This is fantastic news, because I really want my students creating themselves, rather than me leading them all the time.  So rather than me creating quizzes – they can create them.  Rather than me creating a web page – they can.  I can see how Moodle could become a very teacher led thing, which doesn’t fit the constructionist philosophy that is the foundation for its design.

We spent one afternoon discussing the pedagogical approach that should be taken with Moodle.  This is the sort of thing that fascinates me.  In the end though, it is extremely important.  If technology is to make a difference it needs to be used in a way that reflect 21st century learning – students must use it.  Too many times I see teachers using technology (especially dataprojectors and interactive whiteboards), where students are still passive receptors.  This needs to change…and soon!


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