Moodle Muddling 2

Seems I am always blogging about Moodle at the moment, but there is no doubt it is taking quite a bit of my time.

I ran my own Moodle Muddle yesterday as we looked to formally kick of the PD for the new Cantatech online envrionment.

We had representatives from almost every school in Cantatech. This group is going to trial Moodle for most of this term, before we look at spreading the use to other staff. The idea is slow infiltration, rather than trying to sell it to everyone.

I wanted the workshop to be learner centred rather than me talking at the front a lot. It ended up that I had to do that in the afternoon as the internet went down for an hour (as it would of course!). The reception was generally good, with some real enthusiasts. I think a few also found it a bit overwhelming. Moodle can look a bit daunting at first, but once you become familar with the interface it is reasonably easy. I do wish the editor was a bit less clunky, but I’m sure that will improve over time.

From here I will support the elearning team as they develop their courses. Some of this support will include using the Moodle itself, (discussion forums, exemplars, resources,), meetings through VC and face to face.

I will also be meeting with leadership in each school to map out the way forward. The schools in Cantatech are quite diverse. In some we could quite confidently release to all staff. Others we are going to have to take it slowly. How effective this will be – time will tell.


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