Presentation time

Tonight I gave a presentation to Boards of Trustees from Cantatech schools on where we are going over the next two years.

I personally get very bored with long presentations using powerpoint with endless bullet pointed slides. I have gone off PowerPoint in a big way and only reserve it for special occasions. I used to use it heavily in face to face classrooms as a way of going over material once students have completed work, but found it was starting to turn me into the sort of teacher I didn’t want to be – at the front talking a lot. it is very good for showing visuals though and I try to make any presentations as visual as possible now.

Anyway I gave what I hope was a succinct overview (you can judge for yourself) of what Cantatech is and where things are going. The best part was at the end where I got lots of excellent questions which resulted in very exciting and productive discussion. There was major interest in the future of things and some excellent insights into how this sort of technology can change the approach schools take to learning.

Lots of thanks to Eddie Reisch at the Ministry who came along and chimed in when needed. He ended get some very curly questions…

Oh and thanks to Rachel…hope you don’t mind me stealing a slide from one of your presentations – liked it.


View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: bot2008)

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