I thought it was about time I started posting regularly again as it has been a while.  Busy is not the word to describe this job – hectic is perhaps more apt.  I am going to try and make sure it becomes part of my regular work as it is important to spend time reflecting.

There is lots to catch up on, but what has been occupying my mind today is Google Applications.  While I have played around with Google docs in the past I recently worked collaboratively on a 25 page proposal to the Ministry of Education.  We used a Google doc.  It was easy, and a great way of working.

This spurred me on to use this in my online Classics course.  The students are working in groups to prepare a presentation on a particular house from Pompeii.  The idea is to take the viewer on a visual tour of the house.  I have set up each presentation using Google docs and invited the students.  They take it from there.

What have I found today…well it’s filtered by schoolzone of course.  Anyway I am in the process of getting it unfiltered.  What a rich resource and its filtered!

I was also interested to read this article which highlights how quickly educational institutions are getting on to Google Applications.  This idea has appealed to me for some time.  It is the way of the future.  No hassles with hard drives, softwar, hardware…just access through the internet.  Easy.  Probably some connection issues for schools at the moment, but I would like to start talking to Principals about the possibitlities.  If you want collaboration across a cluster (which we do) what a great way of doing it.


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