I spent most of today at Amuri Area School selling Moodle to the principal Neil.  Neil was the main principal to push VC meetings between teachers across the cluster before I came along.  We had a discussion on collaboration and connectivity and how it should be approached.  There is no doubt that there is a need for teachers to connect with others in our more isolated schools, but the problem is actually getting the teachers to do this.  While they might be keen to do this the reality of actually turning up for a meeting is sometimes another thing all together.

There are two ways I see you could approach this.  Make it part of appraisal and an expectation or target those that are keen in the hope that the benefits cause it to spread.  Either way, it needs to become part of the culture of a school.  The trouble is that teachers have meetings coming out their ears, so I can’t really blame them if they are rather reticent to attend more.

The plan was to build collaborative areas on the Moodle in conjunction with VC meetings.  It is taking some time to get the Cantatech Moodle to that level and even then staff need to know how to do the basics.  I have decided to try and get some keen groups together and calendar some VC meetings.  Also going to trial a listerv with one group of teachers.

I don’t think you can force teachers into these things.  Even if you manage to get them along to a meeting, it doesn’t mean they are actually ‘present’.  The reality is they have to want to do it…a bit like our students really!


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