My f*#!%ing goosebump story

I recently stumbled across Tomaz’s “Human” blog.  Tomaz is a passionate Moodler and teacher living and working “across the ditch” in Australia.  As someone new to Moodle his blog has been another goldmine for me.  But it was his most recent post that really resonated with me.  It is probably the best blog post I have read this year and one where he really lays bare the environment in which he works.  It is the sort of environment that I am not that familar with, but his musings on ICT and how it can act as an agent for change are close to my heart.  My background is Social Science – History, Classical Studies and Social Studies my main subjects.  My real passion is teaching and learning and approaches to it.  I started using ICT back in 1999 (my first year of teaching) and it has grown since – but only because I see how it can change, not only pegagogy, but also the bigger picture in terms of education.  It raises major questions about existing systems and strucures in secondary schools.  The current rate of technological development is quickly leaving secondary education behind and if things don’t change (and lets hope the revised curriculum does facilitate this) then secondary schools could become redundant.

How do we bring about this change and how do we persuade staff who have become so institutionalised they never question the effectiveness of their teaching?


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