Selling ideas


Yesterday I travelled to Twizel Area School to deliver the first of eleven presentations to Cantatech schools. What we are trying to achieve is to sell an idea – that is the educational possibilties of online technologies. Our main focus for that is the Cantatech Moodle site, but there are numerous web 2.0 technologies that are extremely useful for engaging learners. I (obviously) love the use of blogs and think they offer so much with so little effort.

As I said, the main focus is to introduce Moodle without going into the details. Anyone who is interested can get on and investigate, but we are saving the PD push for later.

Only half the staff were there, because of sporting trips, but it was well received and there was some excellent discussion. There is no doubt most staff are very keen to learn, but the perceived stumbling block is time . The very keen ones will find a way to learn and progress, but a significant block of school time should be put aside for learning these technologies and how they can be used to engage learners.

The English teacher had a chat with me for an hour after the presentation. He was very keen to try something new to freshen up his teaching and was keen on blogs. I suggested a few ways he could use a blog with his students and pointed him in the direction of edublogs. It will be interesting to see how he goes.

When I do a presentation I try to make it visual, with clear ideas and little text. I also enjoy using movies, because I think they can give the same message in a far more interesting way. The presentation was made using open office, but I decided to convert it to a quick movie as well. This was mainly because an embedded PPT is not going play the movies. Unfortunately I need the movie to get it under ten minutes so it fits on Youtube – so here is the embedded presentation instead.  A few movies would play at various points and the final thought came from Ken Robinson.

Anyone got some good tutorials or links for teachers new to blogging?

Selling an idea

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  1. Hi Darren

    Congrats on a thoughtful blog. I like reading your stuff not only because we are sort of kindred souls if you like but because the passion and the effort you put in is palpable. You inspire “across the ditch” (I know we’d pronounce that differently 🙂 … and beyond.

    Since you are selling…Not sure if you know but I recently played with Lego a bit and came up with an easy explanation of Moodle using an analogy with Lego. The idea was to use it as an ‘ice breaker’ in ‘selling’ Moodle. Feel free to have a look at

    I am also creating two resources with working titles: ‘Myths about teaching with Moodle’ and ‘What can I do with this Moodle thing’ (a compilation of ‘kickstart’ ideas for classroom teachers). I will burn a bit of midnight oil in the next couple of days and try to post it on ‘Human’ – keep an eye out (RSS?).

    Are you going to MoodleMoot NZ 08? If so, best wishes to all NZ Moodlers. If anyone there is interested in my scribbles, troubles and moodles feel free to tell them where to find me.

    Take care and keep up the good work!

    Tomaz Lasic

  2. Hi again Darren
    Links for teachers new to blogging – here is the link to my ‘Blogging On’ workshop notes
    There’s a whole section on Centre 4 ICTPD online to do with Blogging
    Crikey sorry about those urls – can’t remember the code to hyperlink off the top of my head 🙂

  3. Thanks for the comment Tom. I somehow missed it, but much appreciated. Couldn’t make the MoodleMoot this year, because another conference was on at the same time.

    Thanks for that Rachel – I will use those links a spart of the email follow up to my presentations.

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