Cantatech Principal Meeting

In the second to last week of last term the Cantatech Principals got together for our regular termly meeting. It was held at UC Plus on Montreal Street with some of the principals VCing in. It was also good to have my eMentor there – Chris Parsons from the Southern Regional Health School. Chris is an articulate speaker and always interjects at the right time to just add that little bit extra to discussion. Thanks Chris!

The major points for discussion were a first look at the Needs Analysis for 2009 and the second was the proposed OLE with Aorakinet. The second point I can’t elaborate on too much until things are confirmed, but the Needs Analysis has revealed a healthy number of students wanting to take courses next year. The most interest has been in Level 2 History, Level 3 Geography, Level 3 Classics, Level 3 Graphics, and Level 1 Human Bilogy. These courses have a good chance of going ahead at this early stage. Some interest in Agiculture as well, which is good.

We had some interesting discussion around the teaching of the courses. Cantatech runs differently to all the other eLearning clusters. Each school pays in a certain amount and we find the best teachers no matter where they come from and those schools get the funding to cover staffing. This means we can have two teachers delivering from one school and no one from another. It allows a great deal of flexibility to find teachers, but the downside is that some schools don’t have a delivering teacher. This is a shame as teaching in this environment is great professional development and something that can be shared with all staff.

I personally think we should encourage each school to contribute a teacher as an investment in the professional learning of the staff, but it is great to have the flexibitly to find good teachers – and after all that can only be better for the students.


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