Scholarship Mentoring

Yesterday I flew to Wanaka, for a meeting with the South Island ePrincipals at Mt Aspiring College.  The subject of discussion was a proposal for a South Island Scholarship Mentoring Initiaive.  I came away excited about the possibilties here…if a little nervous about the response from cluster teachers (who we will need to put their hand up for this).

OtagoNet have run a successful scholarship programme for the last couple of years, so having them on board for this is important.

So what are the key aspects of the iniative?

  • Student learning will be supported by video conference sessions and an online environment using Moodle (which the teachers will be encouraged to use, but not required to)
  • Each online course will have a template from which a course can be developed.  This will mean teachers will have to spend less time developing an online course.
  • Courses will run with a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 15
  • Teachers will be paid the equivelant of 1/2 a mangement unit ($1800).  Teachers will be encouarged to work with another teacher (if there is someone else who is keen) so this money would be split, but then so is the workload.
  • Schools will pay a one off fee of $200 to participate.  This will cover sundry expenses (like teacher travel)
  • The cost for enrolling a student in a course is $150.  This can be covered by the school or the parents.
  • VC sessions (probably fortnightly) will run after school.   There will be two sessions of 45 minutes each afternoon.

For more information click on the link in the second sentence of the post.

Now time for recruitment…



  1. Gregg Weaver says:

    The scholarship support proposals look great. A little late for our school this year but certainly an exciting possibility for us from 2010. When you are next visiting our school can we arrange for you to talk with our senior college teachers to outline how the programme would work.

    • sudsnz2 says:

      Great to see you on here Gregg. Happy to come in and talk to your teachers. I haven’t been in for a while and have got on top of a lot of projects lately, so I could come in soon if you want. Would give me a chance to catch up with Adrian and give him some PD.

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