Online tools for the eTeacher

There are a whole host of online tools that are very useful for teachers working in a distance environment.  I have listed just a few below.

Record Yourself

Want to demonstrate something to students or design a tutorial?  Maybe you just want to give instructions in a visual/auditory way rather than always written.  Try using Screentoaster or Jing.  Both allow you to record your desktop while adding audio over the top.  You can then embed the code in your course page so students can view.  And it’s all surprisingly easy


Do you want students to brainstorm ideas?  You don’t have a whiteboard at the front of the classroom so how do you do it.  Well just set it up as a task online and use something like Mindmeister.  Mindmeister is a mindmap tool which allows users to work together to develop ideas.  You just invite using email addresses.

Even better is Wallwisher.  This allows you to create a wall and invite other to post on it.  A great way to share ideas and it will embed in your course page.  Works very well.

Visuals, rather than text

Maybe you want students to be able to process visually online, rather than always using text.  Interpreting information in visual way gets students thinking – and that’s always good.  Try Sketchcast – it looks good

Downsize those images

Images too large for your course page?  Want to compress or edit them.  Try pixlr. It’s free and its online.


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