Extended Thinking Part Two

Next Wednesday is the next scheduled event for the Cantatech Extended Thinking Programme.  It would be nice to do something quite different this time around so these are some of the options:

Maths Trail

A maths trail is a trail around a school or community. Students mark a map for others to travel around. Students make up  a maths problem about what they see at a spot they then number on the map. The questions could be as simple as “what polygon shapes make up the front of the hall?” or “How many rectangles can be made from the window panes in the entrance wall?” to more difficult ones on measurement (area, volume, speed) or trigonometry for older ones. For our groups perhap they could make up a maths trail around their school with6-10 numbered spots, questions and solutions. If the schools have digital cameras perhaps the students could photograph one (or more?) of their sites with their “best question” to show the rest of the groups.

Design a Game

Design a game to mimic a chosen real life situation.  The students make a choice about the situation and justify that choice. Perhaps the game would have to include
some set components?

The Combination Key

Based on Tony Ryan’s Thinker Keys, and in particular the Combination Key.  List the attributes of two dissimilar objects, then combine the attributes into a single object. Eg.  The telephone and a lounge chair.  Use the Arts as well as ICTs as a way to present

Dragons’ Den

Student groups are given the task of designing a best selling Christmas Toy. Students would need to present the design of the toy as well as have an idea of production costs, selling price and even profit margins.  It would be a good chance to integrate ICT into the presentation and design aspects.  A couple of Principals could be invited to be the Dragons on the panel and choose a top 3 (possibly).

Please make your choice below


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