One of the burning issues for all the cluster son the virtual learning network is sustainability.  How do we continue the progress that has been made with no funding from the Ministry of Education?  The role of ePrincipal is a complex job, so how will this continue to be funded or are their other alternatives in terms of leadership structure?

I think one solution is amalgamation and this is what Cantatech and AorakiNet are currently in the process of doing.  Trevor (AorakiNet ePrincipal) and I have been working closely to bring what we do together.  There is a real opportunity to build a community of schools who will be able to continue to collaborate, with a leadership structure that is less ad hoc, and the opportunity for financial sustainability.

At the moment this group is known as the Southern Central Divide and as you can see by the map web hope to bring in WestNet sometime in the future.

Is the way forward large federations of schools, with an overarching leadership structure and organisation, that still recognises natural, organic communties?


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