BLP 2011 and beyond

Trevor and I had a very interesting meeting with the national facilitator, Warren Hall on Friday.  We are at a vital time with the project.  While the core group of teachers have done very well, some have struggled with the extra workload of the University course.  We are also now at a point where we need to consider how we are going to impact on all our schools, rather than just the teachers involved in the project.  The meeting means that the scope of the project next year will broaden to possibly include:

  • Targeting school leaders – use funding for events for our principals to learn more about blended learning
  • Enabling communities of practice – allow groups to pitch for money (release time).  Notice that we are not forming communities of practice, but targeting those that do.
  • Providing opportunities for schools to learn more about effective use of ePortfolios (both at the student and teacher level)
  • Involving the eTeacher group in PD

There will still be a core group of teachers that we focus intensive PD on, but this will be a smaller group that this year.


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