BLP Project: Showcasing

The real purpose of these three days PD was to showcase the wonderful work the project teachers have been putting in over the course of the year.  Eight teachers showcased their blended learning module and each one of them was fantastic.  While all different, it was clear they the teachers ‘got it’ and had developed an online space for the module which acted as a hub for the learning. I loved the opportunity to gain an insight into the learners responses.  Interesting to note how many students really took to the discussion forums.  Also interesting to note the range of tools that were used; from Moodle to Google Docs, Mahara ePortfolios to Wikis.  It doesn’t really matter what you use to create that oline space.  It all comes down to good teaching and learning in the end.  How has that spaced been used?  Does it merely virtualise a traditional classroom or does it enable more learner centred approaches to be taken?  I was really quite staggered at the quality of what the teachers had done.  We videoed most of them so they will be shared when ready.  Meanwhile have a look at the two presentations below. More to come.



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