Week Two Madness

Second week in has been extremely hectic.

Enrolments have been coming in thick and fast as well piles of questions from teachers / eDeans.  In a way I have been the help desk for the enrolment procedure, helping out those who need it.  It has been great to see schools taking ownership of this process and will lead to a far more sustainable cluster in the long run.  A few have had some frustrations with the VLN site, but that is to be expected with little training.  Although interesting to see how the majority have picked it up with little direct help from me.

Our current statistics make for interesting reading.  This is constantly changing, but we have well over 200 enrolments across the VLN.  Just over 100 of our students have taken an in cluster course which continues the trend towards a national community / online programme.  It does create some problems with Orientation, but we will work around that.  Virtually all our courses are full, and many of them over-subscribed.  So, it seems VC / online learning continues to gather momentum

I have also completed the eManual which was a mission, but well worth the effort.  It is vital that we get a clear set of standards and expectations  across the cluster and key staff in all our schools need to be very familiar with our policies and procedures.  This doesn’t exist at the moment.  School leadership will play a key part in this and I hope that as many principals as possible can make the upcoming meeting.  It will be chance for them to discuss, clarify and review what has been put in place.

Some of the issues to consider:

  • The new role of eDean and resourcing effective on site support for students
  • Resourcing of the eTeacher role
  • Different expectations of how a cluster runs, or how involved a school has to be in an eLearning cluster
  • Appraisal of eTeachers – we have asked that is included as part of the school’s appraisal process
  • How to effectively support eTeacher PD in such a large geographic region.  Although we are an eLearning cluster so the answer to that should be clear.

And we haven’t even got onto the blended learning project…although a planning meeting has been arranged next week.  I’m looking forward to getting out actually, as I have been tied to my computer for two weeks.


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