Week Four: One I won’t forget

Well the last week will be one that nobody in this country forgets. While the fallout from the quake continues, 15000 displaced students have to be catered for.  It was interesting to watch the news last night and see that some parents are sending their kids as far away as Auckland to go to school.  This is a situation that has a tailor made solution in online or blended learning.  Students will want to continue with their chosen programmes, but will all schools be able to provide this?  Not within CantaNet anyway.  I have already had many inquiries from schools and most of our eteachers have agreed to push their numbers out.  This will only be a solution for a small number of students though.  In this situation the Ministry really needs to step in an provide funding, but it needs to be strategically focussed funding.   While some schools will be able to add students to face to face classes, I can see many situations where this just won’t be possible.  Online learning is the answer (especially in situations where students need short term guidance).  Watch this space.


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