It is hard to say that things are getting back to some semblance of normality, but work certainly is.  Recent focus has been on the ICTPD Regional Cluster and in particular the two PD days we had for project teachers in Hokitika.  While we are broadening the focus, we still have a core group of teachers whose blended learning practice we need to continue to develop, 

Our times together as a group face to face have become less about PD and more about developing community and sharing practice.  Hokitika was no different and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we had, although I must admit it went pretty quickly.  We spent quite a bit of time discussing the way forward for both each individual and the cluster as a whole.  Some of those thoughts have been included below.

We were lucky enough to have Scott McLeod in attendance representing the University of Canterbury.  His contribution was both timely and thought provoking.  We were very lucky to have access to an expert in leadership in ICT just when we need to start targeting leadership.  He spent an hour the first morning providing everyone with the big picture of “why?” in terms of change in schools.  It was interesting to get more of a global economic view on things.  Scott is presenting at our planned leadership event on April 4th and is a must see for any school leader.

There is no doubt this group of teachers has made considerable progress in their own practice, but the question is – How do we spread this practice throughout the cluster?  One thing is certain, we won’t get anywhere without the support of the principals.

Scott’s presentation is embedded below.

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