Innovation in a broadband world

It has been difficult keeping up with blogging recently so hopefully I can get a few up in one fell swoop and this is definitely the most important.It is well over a week since we had our first leadership event for the Southern Central Divide ICTPD cluster, bit I think it is important to recognise what was an important day.  Our first imaginings of this day were around a think tank which would be focused on discussion of the implications of fast broadband for our schools.  We then thought of getting a couple of keynotes and from there it sort of grew into this rather large mini-conference that included key people from schools all over the greater Canterbury region.We were extremely lucky to get the calibre of people we had.  Scott McLeod, Marg McLeod, Mark Osborne, and Michael Barbour would all grace conferences all over the world so to have them in Ashburton and presenting for our ICTPD cluster, is quite astounding.  They were fantastic by the way and I think we got the message out there – fast broadband changes the game, and not just a little bit – completely.  Those schools that don’t innovate will be left behind.  I have embedded two of the presentations below.  You can see Scott’s on a previous post.

We also had a group of our project teachers who presented on their journey so far and they did a fantastic job.  It is slightly daunting speaking in front of sixty plus principals / senior leaders, but they did well.  What is even better is they demonstrated how you can easily collaborate across a distance.

Reaction to the day has been good with the vast majority very positive about its worth.  However we have learnt a few things.  We have another event planned for leadership and this will be focussed on a workshop / think tank approach.  The whole day was a bit passive with participants having to sit and listen rather than interacting.  This was really because we ended up with so many speakers that there just wasn’t a lot of time left.  A fair point though.

We have the whole thing recorded so I will share this with everyone next term.  It will all be published online.


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