The Rise of Online Learning

I thoroughly recommend this post on a blog I read regularly.  It details the rapid rise of online learning in the states and examines a number of issues.  In light of the recent organisational review I conducted (soon to be published) it seems a good time to consider some of these issues.  Some quick bits below…

  • Online learning is becoming a worldwide phenomenon (Canada, USA, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, The Middle East, India, China, Singapore and i’m sure there will be more)
  • ” poor quality online curriculum, inadequately prepared teachers, and students without the requisite skills for success will ultimately fail to improve education.”  (Apparent from the organisational review)
  • “the skills necessary to be a successful online student are the same skills that will serve our students well into adulthood. Successful students are self-directed, self-motivated, and self-assessing.”
  • “It is a myth that any student can just sit at a computer and learn, even with the best online curriculum.

What we really need is a serious, national discussion on how we can best educate our children – one that acknowledges that everything has changed: from students and the variety of ways they learn to the multitude of tools they use to interact with the world.

The rows of desks, teacher lectures, and passive learning won’t lift us into the future.


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