Organisational Review

As part of my study this year I had to conduct an institutional review.  For most this is their school, but I decided it was a good chance to do a full review of where the cluster is at and what issues we face.  I found it an extremely worthwhile task and will do it again next year.  See below.



  1. This is great Darren i hope you don’t mind if i share this through the VLN Community Elgg site – will cross post into there. Your snapshot is so relevant to all of our elearning clusters. I really like the way your little eDean icon is someone with a lifesaving ring! So appropriate they are the oil that keep us all running 🙂

    • sudsnz2 says:

      Of course not. Yes, rather apt that isn’t. The eDean role is a bit of a focus for us this year. We have quite a few of them who are going to form a community of practice that will be partly funded by our ICTPD contract. Looking forward to what they develop.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Darren. Fantastic

  3. This is helpful to the whole cluster and way beyond.
    I think that our Blended Learning Project will be enhanced by it too and I hope that we will also end up with a number of perspectives too.
    Thanks for sharing Darren.

    • I liked the way you presented the data Darren. I think we should have had a lesson on vimeo……I need time off to play! There certainly has been strong change over the last few years. The students are very fortunate to be part of this exciting project.

  4. I think the preparedness of students will very much improve over the next 2 years, as many yr11&12 now have a large amount of exposure to onine learning and using LMSs.
    Do you have an online copy of the survey as it is a little blurry!
    Hmm – did you say that small classes (not important according to Hattie) makes your feedback (very important according to Hattie) much more detailed. Well I’ll be!
    Your last question on “Rate this experience” is very interesting, with increasing numbers rating it as good as f2f or better!
    Thanks Darren for sharing this.

    • sudsnz2 says:

      Haha. Nice comment Matt. Yes I have 24 students online this year and giving one to one feedback is more difficult. Which means I have emphasised students working together even more than usual – which is a very good thing. Which survey? The one for students? This post shows them clearly. I was fiddling round with Camtasia Studio when I was doing that review and no matter how much I produced in high quality it was still blurry. I think it had something to do with the aspect ratio it was recorded in.

      Thanks for the comments everyone.

  5. Jackie Grant says:

    Thanks, Darren,this was really interesting. There are heaps of positives and I found the comment from a student that although they are frustrated having to log on to ask a question and wait for a reply, that they actually then have to stop and try and figure out an answer for themselves – that has to be good too! I would also agree that the main hold-ups in moving forward are the availability of UFB, as the frustration of not being able to get online is huge for staff and students alike, I do think we are getting better tho’ and that students are getting more used to this type of environment.

    • Thanks Darren. That was a useful review – be good to see the 2012 version. I was totally upset that we didn’t get named at the start though!

      • sudsnz2 says:

        Working on the 2012 version next term and I will make sure I give you guys a mention!

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