NCEA (In)Consistency

Not the normal sort of post from me today, but when you work across so many schools as I do you start to notice a real inconsistency in the way we approach internal assessment; in particular procedures for reassessment and resubmission.

I get the distinct impression from talking to teachers and students that they(students) sometimes get multiple opportunities to fix up their assessment.  There also seems to be some confusion about the difference between reassessment and resubmission.  The amount of times students have asked me whether there will be a resit makes me wonder what is going on.

Basically a reassessment is a further opportunity and must be a completely new assessment.  A resubmission is a chance for students to quickly fix up some minor errors that would affect their final grade.  In both instances students get ONE further chance and that is it.  I am sure schools know all this, and I certainly don’t want to be telling you something you already know, but problems are arising.  Teachers cannot keep returning assessments for students to improve, but it does seem that this is going on.  Provide ongoing feedback while an assessment is running yes (and this should taper off as the deadline draws closer), but not after it is finished.

Consistency in schools’ approach is important when you are collaborating across a cluster.  Students need to have some certainty about the conditions of an assessment.  We have already had one issue this year where there was a major difference in how two schools’ approached the assessment of the same subject.  It doesn’t help the students, so again, something for us to sort out for next year.

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