Course Reflection: So how is it going?

So how is the study group approach going with my L3 Classics course?  Well interestingly I would say.  The progress has been reasonably good, especially with a couple of groups.  One in particular just took off and another one really struggled to get anywhere.  It has required a lot of monitoring and following up from me, but it seems we are getting somewhere.  A few of the students have discussed how difficult it is to collaborate online and they are right.  This is an approach that would work best, if bedded in at the beginning of the year.  It does take quite some time for students to work things out.  I see real value in using this next year, and there is no doubt I will learn a lot.  So taking risks can take you and your students out of their comfort zone, but we have to do this to find ways of learning that a more effective.  Especially online, where student distance dominates.



  1. johncruden says:

    Is one of the problems with asynchronous learning is that it IS asynchronous? Meaning that collaboration needs them to switch on at the same time. Or is that not the way the task was pitched?

    • No, the task allows them to build on one another’s work over a period of time so that isn’t a problem. One of the main difficulties is that being asynchronous it takes time to chat and work things out. They have to wait for one another to reply and before you know it a couple of days has gone by. I think that will work itself out as the students get used to working with each other in this way.

      Always difficult though when a team member isn’t contributing.

  2. I have been playing around with the idea of Skype in the class and wonder if that would help me. I know that mine kids are just 10, but I keep coming up with the same uphill battle of getting them on at the same time so some rich discussions could happen….however the idea is that they don’t need to be on simultaneously as it allows them the freedom of commenting in their own time. Bit of a catch 22 this one I think…will have to come up with something innovative!!

    • Nice to see you here Aleta. Thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t worry about it. They don’t need to be on at the same time for those rich discussions to happen and you will find it much easier that I do, because you can follow up with students directly.

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