Course Reflection: Temperature Checks

Had a great video conference session with my students on Friday.  We spent a good twenty minutes discussing a temperature check I had run in the course.  This is basically a quick survey of students to gain feedback on how they think the approach is going so far.  I don’t believe in imposing what I want on students (especially at this age) so this was a chance to negotiate a way forward.  While around half of the students felt the approach wasn’t working, only one student felt it wasn’t worth persevering with.  The general feeling was that where it fell down was when a student in a group wasn’t pulling their weight.  So we have given students the chance to opt out and re-organised the groups.  Again, only one student has chosen to work by themselves.

This approach does seem to be gaining some traction at a very difficult time of the year.  I have no doubt that it would work if implemented (with plenty of support) at the beginning of the year.


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