The tyranny of the urgent

While I have been working today I have been multi-tasking a bit by also listening to various videos from EDtalks.  There was one I had to share just because it really resonated with me.  It is Lee Crockett’s presentation at Ulearn in 2010.  Many of the themes that he covers are very familiar, but his delivery is very engaging and well worth a watch.  Near the end he talks about the “tyranny of the urgent” which often distracts us from what is important.  This is something I see every day in schools and I would suggest that at times we do it to ourselves.  I am sure some enjoy this because they feel busy, but how much are we missing by approaching our day in this way.  Crockett challenges us on this and I agree with him.  Yes we have lots to do, but does it have to be that way?  Click on the link below and make sure to watch until the end there as an interesting wee test to do.


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