Networked Schooling

Embedded below is an edtalk from my colleague, Trevor Storr which was recorded at Ulearn this year.  In five minutes Trevor highlights some key issues and opportunities around the fibre rollout.  There is a chance to completely change the way schooling is organised in this country, and very much for the benefit of the learner.  In fact “Networked Schooling” implies something very different to “Networked Schools”.  In the former I see traditional school boundaries disappearing.  In the latter, they remain.

This is a timely preview of what our regional cluster will be discussing in our leadership event on Tuesday.



  1. Thanks for sharing that Darren, will make sure i post this in a few places, some really important points here, particularly about the need for us to take collective responsibility for enabling these opportunities!

  2. Adrian Bell says:

    Trevor raises an important issue. We have and are more so going to have connective tools with tremendous potential benefits for education across New Zealand schools, but there needs to be a more co-ordinated, visionary approach in order to gain the maximum benefit for education of these enhanced technologies. Is it going to be left to various clusters to come up with their strategies as in the early Cantatech model, or will government realise that here is an opportunity to show leadership and fund leaders in the field to visit overseas systems where these technologies have been applied in education before returning and adapting them to New Zealand education? We are at a crossroads where the whole educative village that Trevor refers to could be co-ordinated across schools and workplaces to provide a truly integrated and interactive educational system – of benefit to students, parents and teachers. If we all try to ‘re-invent the wheel’ ourselves with the application of the enhanced connective technologies at cluster level we are in danger of missing out on the benefits that a co-ordinated approach at national level could afford us.

  3. Yes Adrian, this is what the proposed N4L needs to address just as purposefully as it does in developing the infrastructure and services between schools. It won’t happen by itself, schools have got to step up and participate and it will need, as you say, a co-ordinated & visionary approach. I don’t know that we will find all the answers looking overseas as there are lots of great things happening here in NZ that can be adapted & scaled to suit our own schools and learning communities. But it definitely needs to be driven and not left to chance and should be happening now & not waiting for the cart (infrastructure/technology) to pull the horse (pedagogy & schools collaboration) as seems to be the current position.

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