Student Orientation 2012

Last week we held our annual student orientation at Ashburton College (which seems to have continued to be our go to school for these events – thanks Anne and Grant).  As in the past the day is designed for students and teachers to meet for some face to face time to kick off the year.  Research and experience shows in online learning any face to face time is absolutely invaluable for building relationships.  So it was good to see so many teachers just chatting with their students in a very informal way.  Some even took to the outdoors and enjoyed the sun while it was still around.  The key is that it was a relaxed atmosphere where everyone could get to know each other.  It should make a bit difference in the long run.

This orientation continues to change and become more and more challenging every year.  The issue is that many of our courses have out of cluster students in so it is not actually the full class.  So this year we only asked courses to meet that had at least 50% CantaNet students enrolled.  It is probably the way we will continue to approach it while we have limitations in internet speed.  Wouldn’t it be great if students could just mean in using desktop video conferencing.  Not feasible at the moment, but watch this space…

By the way the video below took ten minutes to make in picasa – does it all for you.  Just choose your pics and music and it will upload it to youtube when you are finished.


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