Learning without Limits

Earlier this week I attended the “Learning without Limits” seminar, which is of course all about the planned Network for Learning (N4L).  While I already had a sound understanding of what this entailed, it would have been useful to the many educators who attended.  Just a few key points on the Network for Learning that […]

Networked Schooling

Embedded below is an edtalk from my colleague, Trevor Storr which was recorded at Ulearn this year.  In five minutes Trevor highlights some key issues and opportunities around the fibre rollout.  There is a chance to completely change the way schooling is organised in this country, and very much for the benefit of the learner. […]

Scott McLeod and the future of education

I have finally got  the video footage from our leadership event earlier this year.  One of the four keynote speakers we had that day was Scott McLeod.  Scott is a fantastic thinker on ICT and leadership and his presentation is well worth a look (even if it is in green).  I thoroughly recommend his blog, […]

Innovation in a broadband world

It has been difficult keeping up with blogging recently so hopefully I can get a few up in one fell swoop and this is definitely the most important.It is well over a week since we had our first leadership event for the Southern Central Divide ICTPD cluster, bit I think it is important to recognise […]