Blended Learning Project (Summary)

Term One: The project kicked off with four days face to face PD at the University of Canterbury.  This was run by the three ePrincipals and featured keynote speakers, Wayne Mackintosh (Wikieducator) and Derek Wenmouth (Core-Ed).  Much of the first day was spent introducing the concepts of blended and personalised learning.  The remaining three days […]

Why communities of schools?

Why cluster or develop communities of schools?  Here are a few reasons taken from a proposal that will go to AorakiNet and Cantatech Principals soon.  Thanks to the VLN community for the contributions. Benefits to the learner Broad subject choice and greater personalisation of learning as a result Flexibility. Students are not confined to a […]

Sharing the learning

Most secondary schools in New Zealand have an LMS of one kind or another, but nearly all of them are based around a single school.  The exceptions to this exist in rural New Zealand where many of the schools who belong to eLearning clusters share an LMS within the cluster. This probably reflects the competitive […]

Extended Thinking Part Two

Next Wednesday is the next scheduled event for the Cantatech Extended Thinking Programme.  It would be nice to do something quite different this time around so these are some of the options: Maths Trail A maths trail is a trail around a school or community. Students mark a map for others to travel around. Students make […]