Stories from the frontline: the eTeacher

One of our eTeachers shares the experience in the video below. Points I took out of it? You need to be keen and interested The practice of teaching online can be beneficial to your face to face teaching You are likely to get some fairly motivated, bright sparks (although they won’t all necessarily be like […]

Stories from the front line: the role of eDean

I’m an eDean in a large rural secondary school and this year I have 31 eStudents in 14 different online classes.  I am also a Teacher Librarian and I’m lucky that my students study in a special space in our library so I get to see a lot of them. One of the things that […]

“This is just how we do things”

Yesterday, while chatting with Derek Wenmoth, something he said resonated with me.  While this isn’t unusual, I like the way he put this particular issue.  In reference to schools’ adoption of blended learning and online programmes of learning (currently the video conference courses) he mentioned that they should not be treated as separate components.  That […]

Deconstructing Michael: Consistency is the key

I have finally returned to Michael Barbour’s analysis of the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), completed last year.  It you haven’t read it, then I recommend you do so (click here), especially if you have an interest in the future of the VLN (or CantaNet).  It is a very accessible read. In this post we have […]