Deconstructing Michael: Part Two Funding, Resources and the role of the ePrincipal

In part two Michael analyses the resourcing of the clusters and in particular the role of the ePrincipal.  He makes the point that no ePrincipal could clearly define the role so it will be very difficult to gain funding from the Ministry (which is what most want).  I have pulled a few points out below. […]

Why communities of schools?

Why cluster or develop communities of schools?  Here are a few reasons taken from a proposal that will go to AorakiNet and Cantatech Principals soon.  Thanks to the VLN community for the contributions. Benefits to the learner Broad subject choice and greater personalisation of learning as a result Flexibility. Students are not confined to a […]

The Professionals?

We had our monthly eprincipal meeting today and another interesting one it was too. There were a number of things on the agenda, but the focus was on a paper put together by two of us. This proposed that we as a group, investigate the idea of forming our own professional association. It was no […]


Early on the year all the eprincipals (the common name for this position) gathered together for the Learning at Schools Conference in Rotorua. To read an excellent summary of the day we had together go to this link at Rachel’s blog. The only things I have to add is that as a newbie it was […]