Marshmallows, spaghetti and a potato

The last Extended thinkers challenge was a real doozy.  Students had to build the highest structure they could using a packet of spaghetti and a bag of marshmallows.  The structure also had to hold the weight of a potato at its highest peak.  Teams also had to design a new challenge with an accompanying set […]

Second challenge: Basketball hoops and ovens?!!

The second challenge in the extended thinkers programme has finished and yet again the students looked like the had a lot of fun.  This event was quite different from “My Town” and was designed to provide a varied challenge that would require students to draw on all sorts of hidden talents.  Check out the air […]

My Town Results

We have finished the first challenge and the students have done some great work. Have a look at some of the videos below. Just for reference – apparently the two top towns are Leeston and Rangiora. I have also included Mt Hutt’s which we couldn’t see properly through the VC, but would have been a […]

My Town – Part One

Today saw the start of the Cantatech Extended Thinkers Programme for 2010.  These events were very successful last year, so I’m looking forward to what happens this time around.  The first challenge is outlined above.  I will blog on the results tomorrow afternoon.