Deconstructing Michael: Consistency is the key

I have finally returned to Michael Barbour’s analysis of the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), completed last year.  It you haven’t read it, then I recommend you do so (click here), especially if you have an interest in the future of the VLN (or CantaNet).  It is a very accessible read. In this post we have […]

Learning without Limits

Earlier this week I attended the “Learning without Limits” seminar, which is of course all about the planned Network for Learning (N4L).  While I already had a sound understanding of what this entailed, it would have been useful to the many educators who attended.  Just a few key points on the Network for Learning that […]

Leadership Event: Networked Schooling (WestNet)

We recently ran our third leadership event for the Southern Central Divide Regional Cluster.  Once again we focused on analysing the possibilities of networked schooling, but this time we did it out on the West Coast for the WestNet principals.  There were many similarities to the event we did in CantaNet last year,  but this time […]

Deconstructing Michael: Part Two Funding, Resources and the role of the ePrincipal

In part two Michael analyses the resourcing of the clusters and in particular the role of the ePrincipal.  He makes the point that no ePrincipal could clearly define the role so it will be very difficult to gain funding from the Ministry (which is what most want).  I have pulled a few points out below. […]